Some people are just gross!

I’m on my way home from work today and I was keeping an eye on this one little car b/c he was driving like an idiot and I was thinking he may have started his weekend a little early. Well, he pulled up next to me at a stop light and I couldn’t help but look at him…never expected to see him sitting in his car with his pants undone and all his junk hanging out while he jerked one off !! I mean seriously - who does that in rush hour traffic ?

I think I need more wine

Ewww! :ick:

AHHH! LOL! I’m so sorry you had to witness that!!! That’s a story ya don’t hear every day…LOL!

And when you’re done with the bottle, hit the idiot over the head with it!!!:hmm:

what was he listening to porn on tape?

I actually had this happen to me as well, but it was when I was about 15 and I was walking through my neighborhood. I told the police officer about it that patrolled our neighborhood. Yeah- it starts with stuff like that, then turns into bigger things. Dis-gust-ing!

Oooh, I want wine too :smiley:

Sadly, I see those sorts of sickos all the time out on the road.

I want to know how you could see that much from the drivers seat of your car to the driver’s seat of the other car. I don’t think I’ve ever glanced over at another car and been able to see below the waist of the other driver, and usually not even that far.

I drive a full size 4WD pick-up truck that sits much higher than a Honda Civic. Unfortunately there was no passenger to block my view.

Mason - I imagine you have seen it all as much as you’re on the road !

:passedout: ewwwwwwwwwwwww

I’d LOVE to hear Mason’s stories!!!:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Surely that’s illegal, if not for public decency/exposure reasons, at least for dangerous driving reasons

Well, Knitting_Guy drive a truck, big rig, semi, lorry, or any of the other names they may be known by.

I’ve seen quite a bit from the no so lofty seat of a Dodge mini-van. Although I have not seen anything quite like that described in this thread.

i told my DBF about this thread, he told me he saw a girl giving it to herself in traffic in Boston from his work van before. Guess it’s possible

ew! who does that?!

I don’t know what I thought you were going to say in this thread, but it wasn’t what you actually said, LOL

I note that you are from Virginia so my first thought was "did the car have “US congressional” license plates? The second was get the license number, call 911 and report it as reckless driving and indecent exposure. If there is a police officer near by they can/will pull then over and spoil some of his fun.

Reminds me of the time years ago (we are talking late 60’s here) when my student nurse sister and her friend were walking home late one night after work and a guy did the old flash open the rain coat thing on them.

However, instead of reacting how he hoped, they stood there and described his bits in very clinical terms and discussed his appendages as to his abilities or otherwise. The guy did not know what to do, wrapped himself in his coat and fled!
He could not get away fast enough.


I’ve had that happen too!! I remember it was while I was pregnant so it was the fall of 1990 into early 1991. I was driving a Jeep Renegade at the time so sat much higher than an average car. In March of 91 we bought a Ford Explorer and I could still see his junk. Yes, I said still - we must have left work around the same time every day and I could almost count on seeing him daily in approx the same mile area of the road I traveled home on.

If it happened now I’d probably let him know I could see ‘everything’, but I expect he would have enjoyed that, too.