Some OT questions

Does anyone have an idea for a Valentine’s Day gift for dh or other guy gifts? I always have problems on Valentine’s Day for guys (dh, sons).

Also, does anyone know how to disinfect cloth furniture? DH is sick with a respiratory virus and has to sleep sitting up, which means our couch. I would like to clean it but don’t know what to use.

Thanks for your help.


I know that Febreze makes an antimicrobial formula. You might want to try that for your couch.

I can’t help with the V-day gift. I’m actually trying to find something myself. I have a fairly new boyfriend, and I don’t have a clue. Flowers? Probably not.

Food is ALWAYS a welcomed guy gift. Bake something.


About the couch, the Febreeze is anti-microbial, but not anti-viral. I did a lot of research on the topic when a stomach virus ran through our house. I ended up unzipping the cushions and washing with vinegar and then letting air dry outside. (Of course, depending on where you live, you could just be making a sofa popsicle with this technique!) Luckily, no one “hit” the sofa, but I just knew there were little germies all over. :ick: I still used the Febreeze just in case!

I think the easiest way is to put a sheet over the sofa so that you can bleach and wash the sheet daily.

Febreze is great stuff. It really works.

I don’t know your hubby’s tastes, but I always appreciate some really nice cigars or pipe tobacco.

I have done that in the past, but he was there before I realized it. :teehee:

Right now I would have a couch-sicle if I tried to put it outside. I wonder if I used a cloth with lysol/water on it if that would work. :shrug: Then after that hit it with Febreeze.

Knit-guy - I hadn’t thought about cigars. DH doesn’t smoke, but occasionally he likes a cigar. Good idea, thanks.

msoebel - Food is always an option, especially with my dh. :teehee:

hummmm - cigars, baked goodies. We are off to a good start.

Thanks to all of you.

:teehee: dh dropped a hint to me… wanted a few of the dresden files books…

I like to use lysol… febreeze… and the new Clorox stuff but its more for hard surfaces… if you can get the cushions off I’d wash them too just to be safe… the lysol damp cloth might work though… :shrug:

Lysol spray is always the best. If you are in doubt about your colorfastness, spray a little towards the bottom just to be sure, but I have never seen Lysol discolor anything.

I like to give baskets full of couch potato junk food. Stuff the guys like to eat when they watch ballgames and such, chips, dips, beer, candy, coupons for free pizza, stuff like that has always been a big hit when I have made them.

Great advice from all of you.

I think I will try to spray the couch with Lysol, maybe use the liquid Lysol/water then spray it. :teehee:

Nonny - I have made baskets for other people like that but not for dh. :?? Good idea. He never gives me any hints on what he wants, unless it is something way too expensive, like a new car, new house, a million $$$. :teehee:

Thanks to all of you, this is a big help.