Some of my work

here are some of my knitting photos …some are completed some are half way …


those go in what cha knittin fyi

Very nice indeed!!! :cheering:

Wow! Beautiful, beautiful work!

:cheering: Very, very nice :cheering:

Beautiful! You’re very talented! :cheering:

Hello Kitty
You are a very busy kitty!! Good job…

All are very nice, I especially like the light purple shrug with the lace at the bottom! :thumbsup:


Your work looks beautiful!! I love the colors you have used too. :cheering:

My gosh! the last pink shirt/ shrug is adorable! :slight_smile: p.s. you don’t wear your knitting needles like that right? :slight_smile:

hm…the last shrug shown here is lilac color… alot of you think is pink…might be the camera resolution and lighting issue :??