Some of my FO's

Just of few of my recently finished objects. A green faux cable eyelet washcloth:woohoo: and gansey coffee cuff. Hope you like looking at them.

Great knitting! Really like the dishcloth – looks like it will really work!

Nicely done! I like that color of green!

Those are pretty! :thumbsup:

Congrats! Both look beautiful!!

Very nice work!

Nice work! Great colors! And both projects are useful! :thumbsup:

Very nicely done!

Very nice work :slight_smile:

Both look really nice! I really like the washcloth, its very pretty.

Those are both great! Do you have patterns, or just make up the designs from stitch patterns? linknit41

Love the coffee sleeve- where did you get the pattern for it?

Dishcloth pattern is from the Dishcloth Botique and coffee sleeve is from Knit Pics.