Some of my FO's

Now that I have a digital camera I can share some of my FO’s. :slight_smile:

Oh, I like the branching out the best… so delicate! It looks so soft too. :heart:

Great projects! I :heart: your crocheted belt. That looks too fun!

What yarn did you use for Branching Out? Please show us again once you’ve blocked it, too.

I used Douceur et Soie in the cream - or was it white? I still haven’t purchased any blocking pins even though I’ve knitted since Feb so it might be a while before i actually block it. lol

I like them all - especially the shawl. :cheering:

[color=blue]Love everything… The first belt it very nice! and the branching out scarf is beautiful. I am using that pattern to make a panel for our front door… I wish that I had chosen a somewhat finer yarn now that I have seen yours! :heart:

sebago, ME[/color]

Everything is lovely!!! I love, love, love Branching Out :cheering: :cheering:

Everything looks great!

Branching Out is my absolute favorite though :heart:

Very pretty.

Everything is lovely!

Great, especially Branching. It looks so soft and yummy!

They are all so brilliant.

I like the BRANCHING out best though it looks gorgeous.

Well done :cheering:

:hug: Sharon

They are all lovely!!! :cheering: