Some Newbie questions

These are probably stupid questions, but I don’t know anyone IRL who knows how to knit, so I"m learning pretty much exclusively from this website.

I am currently attempting to knit a soaker for my baby due in May. This is only my third project and my first were very simple. Here is the pattern I’m using.

I am not sure how to use the stitch markers or stitch holders. I mean, I can put the stitch markers on there, but then how do you get them off after you’re done? Don’t they get knitting up in the project?

Also, the pattern calls for stitches being placed on a stitch holder. I’m not sure exactly how to do that. The stich holder I have looks like a big metal safety pin, not sure if there are different types. Anyway, when I tried it it seemed like the stitches and holder were really in the way of the knitting. I’m just confused! Can you guys help?

The markers go on the needle, not in the knitting. When you get to the end of a round/anywhere a marker is placed, just slip it from the left needle to the right. To use a stitch holder, just slip the stitches (as though to purl) onto the holder from your left needle, and close it up. :smiley:

The st markers are like bookmarks–they just hold your place, they’re not part of the knitting. It helps you to know where you are in a row.

Holders look like big safety pins because that’s what they basically are.