Some more FO's

Here are the baby booties that I knitted as chrismas gifts. the tan was for my best friends baby. the Blue was for my co-worker’s new baby brother. I used lion brand suede for the tan and I used crystal palace chenile for the blue. very quick knit ups.

tan ugg baby booties

blue ugg baby booties

Scout, those are so cute, I can’t stand it! :slight_smile:

I love this pattern more and more each time I see it knitted up. Sweet booties…

Those are just too cute! I love that pattern!:inlove:

Those do make really cute booties!

:inlove: very cute!!

Those are so cute!!

Those are really sweet!

They are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!!

So adorable!

I really love these! Is there a pattern for them? I’d love to try my hand at a set for my toddler. :slight_smile:

I got there pattern here,2025,DIY_14141_3148516,00.html

i used lion brand suede and crystal palace chenille. both times I had to go down to size 2 and three needles to get the correct gauge for the 3-6 months or else the came out the size of slippers.

Thanks. :thumbsup:

Too bad for me it only shows up to 9-12 months and my baby’s more like 18 months. :pout: I’m not skilled enough yet to adjust patterns, but I’ll save this link for when I am!

I wuuuuv those baby uggs!!! :heart: