Some help with flat knitting

I tried knitting the wyatt sweater which i found on Raverly as my first ever sweater but, when it was finished from the arms downwards its far to big as someone was helping me and dropped a load of stitches is it possible that with me trying to pick up as many as possible i could of had to many stitches and thas why it ended up so wide.

Here is what it looked like

By wavyone at 2012-04-27

I’m attempting it again just asking so i don’t have the same problem, i also noticed the back is bigger after the b/o of the arms could that have happened because i didn’t b/o enough stitches ??

It is unlikely that you dropped, and then picked up, so many sts that the sweater got larger as you worked it.

The more likely scenario is that your gauge is off and/or your tension is very loose. Check the gauge on your, now finished, sweater and see if it is “true” to the pattern. You probably need to go down a needle size (or two) and/or make a smaller size (S not M, M not L) sweater.

Overall, a very nice job on your first sweater. The garter stitch ridges and deco at the top stand out, which means you got the hang of knitting/purling and changing between the two.

So i decided to measure the bottom and top of the sweater the chest area is right 22 inches but the bottom was 28 don’t know how i managed that :rofl: Thank you on my stitches this one looks even neater hopefully this will come out looking much better.

It could be as you suggest, that you picked up too many sts in trying to get all the dropped row back on the needle. Just make sure you’re not consistently doing something like working two sts at the beginning of the row instead of one st. (Pull the working yarn down as you start the row, so that you can see the st at the beginning of the row. Don’t pull the yarn up and over the needle because that makes the first st look like 2sts.)
The other thing that will help is to count sts when you finish a row. Putting in markers every 10-20 sts makes that easier. Then if you find an increase in st number you can fix it right away.