Some Hats & Warm Weather Gear for my BF

The first few are all ones using Paton’s Merino in Forest, I love this stuff but it pills like crazy!

Here’s a hat, knit in the round on sz 7 bamboo 16" circs, 2x2 rib for about 3 inches and then done in stockinette with a watchcap decrease.

A pair of gauntlets, the story of the mismatched pair is a few posts below in my big response.

Other side.

I recently finished this one for my bf, it’s knit 2 strands together, using the Paton’s Forest along with the same brown that was used in the gauntlet on the right above. Peaking out beneath that hat is a solid green hat similar to the first one shown, used sometimes as a layering piece or alone as a light knit hat.

This and the hat below are knit using Noro. A friend asked for a hat and asked that they have “colors of the earth.” I’m going to give him the choice and whichever he doesn’t want, I or my bf will happily wear. =]

They’re actually not as bright as they appear in these pictures. The flash made the colors a lot richer and more saturated; they’re a bit more muted and grey in indoor light.

This one went to my bf’s dad as a Christmas gift.

He wears this newsboy watchcap ALL the time, it’s his go-to hat and he’s gotten a few comments from coworkers. Makes me happy. =]

This one’s also gotten lots of wear, this and the one above were the first ones I gave him. Also gotten a few "nice hat!"s from coworkers.

This one doesn’t really get worn much, it’s kinda small. It uses prettymuch the same yarns as the brimmed cap above but is single stranded instead of 2tog. I might ask for it back and frog it to knit it into a new hat.

And here’s my cat posing while I take hat pictures.

Those are all very nice! He should enjoy wearing them for years to come. Did you choose the yarn, or did he?

those look great…what yarn did you use for the newsboy cap?

Great job on ALL your projects!!! Wow, you’ve really been busy!

:happydance: Everything looks wonderful!!

Wow! He should feel warm, inside and out!

Those are great! :thumbsup:

Wow, you’ve made him a lot of stuff. The mitts are really interesting how they each turned out so differently. Is that a sample of two different pair, or one pair? Tell us about them.

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback!!

To address specific questions:

MerigoldinWA- I actually fell victim to the single sock syndrome which mutated into a viral form of the single gauntlet syndrome. xD I started the one on the right, with the shades of brown and black. Wrote out where in the pattern I made color changes and switched ribbing and whatnot. THEN, I lost a needle! A few days later, I got a haul of Paton’s Merino in the mail, one of which was the colorway on the left, Forest, which I LOVE!! I made that one real quick because I didn’t have to stop to do a felted join every time I wanted a color change, and it was pretty interesting to watch how the colors came together. I told him I’d finish the pairs once I found the needle, which I still haven’t, and well. I just sorta never did. After a few weeks of wear, I asked him if he’d like me to weave some elastic thread in there to keep it tight and he said yes, so I did. It’s been getting lots of wear! It’s pilling like crazy!

Bethany- for the newsboy cap I used two yarns stranded together. One used throughout was a tan colored acrylic/wool blend that I got real cheap, actually it’s the same tan yarn I used for the tan/cream striped ribbed hat above the newsboy cap. In the brimmed cap, I used that with Knitpicks yarn in Fern for the brim and top parts where it’s a green/tan mix, and stranded together with Dune Twist for the middle part that’s a sort of rust/tan mix. I used Timex interfacing to stiffen the brim, it’s got a little wonk in it from where the interface material was creased. I THINK you can steam it out or press it out, but my bf says it’s alright, it adds some charm. =]

Debkcs- I think I chose the yarns for all of these. He’s been very supportive ever since I picked up the knitbug (just this past Christmas season, actually!) and he’s been wearing just about everything I make him, so he’s got uber brownie points in that dept. He pretty much said flat out he’d wear anything with a functional design that I made him as long as it’s in range of “the guy colors” - grey, black, brown, olive drab, tan. Easy enough, and he’s let me be a little lenient in my interpretation of “olive drab” (the green in the Forest Patons colorway is actually pretty bright, but it’s so subtle that the lime-y-ness is kinda nice). He’s come with me to the LYS once or twice and pointed out the “kinds” of colors and yarns he likes, and has now requested specific items. =]

Thanks for the answer on the gauntlet color. Interesting story. I like your “pair”. Why does everything always have to match. LOL I’ve noticed that Patons Merino pills. I used it on something recently that I began to rue after the first use. :frowning:

I reposted some better pictures, properly cropped and with some brief details.

You are a hat knitting machine! They look great to me!


You’ve been busy. Everything looks great!

Thanks again, much appreciated!

Wow certainly have spoiled your BF!!

those look great!

xD He certainly is spoiled!