Some FO's

So we finally got a new camera so I was able to take a couple of pics of stuff I finished lately. The blankets are crocheted and the purse I use all the time right now I love it.I had a little of the woolleft over so I made a matching change purse.

Very nice, I especially like the purse.

Do you prefer crochet to knitting?

Wow, everything is spectacular looking.

Beautiful work :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Love the color striping in the purse too! Great job!

Love the colors in the purse. All great work.

Everything is lovely…did you line your bag?



All very nice! Love the bag colors!

I like both knitting and crocheting when I need a quick something done I will crochet as I can do it faster as I have been doing it alot longer.
No I did not line the bag it is felted so I didn’t need one and yes I really like the way the wool striped.

:happydance: They all look wonderful!! Great job…

GREAT job…they all look great - love the purses too!!! :muah:

All three are great!