Some FOs

Here are some of my recent FOs. I made some socks out of the recycled, kool aid dyed yarn I made. I made a red sock but now I can’t find it :doh: So I made some more out of the yarn colors left. Kinda funky and thee colors don’t really go together but they’re warm so I don’t care

What fun looking socks!

They do look warm…and fun! Nice job!

do they smell like kool-aid? :slight_smile: Better than stinky feet! Very fun!

Fraternal twin socks! I love it! :thumbsup:

:happydance: They look great and very warm/cozy!!

Those are too “kool”!! I love the mix-and-match color scheme.

These socks look so warm and the colours make you think of summer :thumbsup:

great job! yummy colors! :inlove: :cheering:

The fit looks perfect and the colors are fun.

They look warm and cozy. :thumbsup:

No one else will have a pair just like them! They look well knitted.