Some FOs

[color=brown]The Sleeveless Jumper[/color]
Used this pattern:
Yarn: 100% Acrylic. Needles: 5mm
Turned out too thick on the body so I sowed in the sides a bit. Looks really cute on my daughter except the bottom curls up outwards. Next time I would do one with a ribbed base k2, p2 instead of garter.

[color=green]The dolphin dishcloth[/color]
Used this pattern:
Yarn: Sugar’n creme
Made one less wave row and thicker borders.
Will try and block it.

[color=coral]Garterlac Dishcloth[/color]
Yarn: Sugar’n creme
This was really tricky to make. I wanted to give up a few times even near the end. I think that it came out pretty good for my first try only one side is not very straight. Any suggestions on how to improve?
I won’t be giving this away to anyone because the yarn’s colour has slightly faded but I’ll be using it myself.

very pretty dishcloths and the jumper is cute. If you don’t like the bottom edge, you might consider adding crocheted edge that might control the curl you object to.

Everything looks so great!

Those are great! I love the garerlac dishcloth! I’ll have to give that one a try.

Hi, Tamar
Nice FOs, I especially like the dolphin dishcloth. The shale work at the bottom really reminds me of water.

those look great!

Thanks girls!!!