Some FO's from the last little bit

So here are a few things I have finished in the last little while. Another felted bag. and yes I am finding felting projects addicting. Also three pairs of socks one for my daughter one for my son and one for myself. I think I may have caught the sock bug that you guys are always talking about. I think I might even try doing a patterned pair of socks next. Any way here are the pics. yes there are quite a few

So sweet, I love the socks! :slight_smile: The bag is gorgeous, too!

I love the bag! Isn’t felting so much fun?? Oh, and cute socks! I’m at the beginning of the sock addiction myself.

Nice!! I am still scared of socks!

Everything turned out quite nicely! Welcome to world of felting and sock addictions!

Don’t be scared of socks they are fun and addicting I am now working on another pair for my son. Silvers sock tutorial was a huge reason I was able to get through them. When you try for the first time using her tutorial it made other patterns make so much more sense for me. I still look at her tutorial for clarification on some things.

Great socks!

Great job! I love that sock picture, too cute :slight_smile:

:woot: To cute!! I Love the colors of the bag… Great job :thumbsup:

Everything looks great -and look at all those SOCKS! Very nice!!

I just love that bag :slight_smile:

I adore the bag. great colors!! the socks are cute too!

Great job! The bag is beautiful (yup, rarely do you find someone that doesn’t get addicted to felting after their first project) and I LOVE the socks!

Wanda’s message just sent a cold shiver up my spine. I’m getting ready to do some felted clogs for my mom. Does that mean I should just surrender to another addiction?

The bag is gorgeous and I adore the socks!!!

Yup, go ahead and surrender right now … after all, what do you have to lose but lots of fun felting projects!!! I’m not going to mention the yarn, cuz we all know you’re going to buy that anyway. :smiley:

Cute bag and socks!

Everything looks great! Nice job! :slight_smile: