Some FOs and WIPs

So I finished the hat for my friend Eric that wanted an orange and green hat. I made it from the recycled sweater yarn and dyed it with kool aid. THen my mom says she saw this shawl somewhere and wanted me to knit her one. So we scoured the knitting book aisles looking for the right pattern and we found in the last place we looked. She picked out some yarn (Manos!!! mmmmmm) and she paid for it. THen as I was waiting to have the skeins put into balls my 11 year old son got impatient and got whiney so we sent him to the car. As a way of making it go faster, my mum says (why don’t I just get you one those and you can wind yer yarn at home. The boy is getting retless" So she bougt me swift and yarn winder!!! So I’m almost done with the shwal/scarf thingy. Its ribbed so I’m not sure how I’m going to put the pockets on. Then I made some felted cranes for that felted crane project. My son says he wants to do some with me but he loses interest halfway through.

Ooooo! I love origami! What is this felted crane project you speak of? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah here’s a photo of the pattern. It’s from those little books that Vouge KNitting publishes, On the go series. Its in the new book on Shawls.

You can get more info at this website:

and youcan download the pattern too

I heard about it from my lYS that blogs about it here:

a pocket shawl… brilliant!
it’s on my list now!

Your things look nice, I don’t know how to put the pockets on either, does the pattern tell you how??

The cranes are cute.

Here’s my son posing in the scarf shawl lookin silly

:teehee: Silly kid! Those are all great!

Love the shawl and hat! And the crane project is terrific! I wish it didn’t have to be 10, though. But then, feel guilty because, really, that isn’t much for that important a cause. I wonder if people can join together to do 1-2-3 each to make up the 10?

Those are great–I thought of making that scarf for my mom!