Some Dec. FO's

I used up a lot of my caron baby yarn leftovers for the pastel scarf and hat for my little GD Lexi. The scarf is a pattern I just made up. the hat is the Kiddie Cadet Hat by Kathryn Ivy. I just left off the brim.

The blue scarf is for my dad. It’s malabrigo colorway continental. the pattern is the Palindrome Scarf.

The purple is also malabrigo, in the color Holly Hock. The pattern was A Touch of Whimsy Scarf. It’s for my mom.

I have to say that no matter what I do to change colors, I’m never actually happy with the way it turns out. I’ve followed lots of different advice, but it’s always sort of funny.

Here’s the Purple scarf picture

They are lovely . What a great way to use up leftover yarn :slight_smile:

They’re all beautiful! I love being able to dive into my stash and use what I’ve got for a project! Great job on all of these!

they all look great! Love that purple color - isnt Malabrigo great to work with!!

:yay: Everything looks great!

they look wonderful

Nice! You gotta love that Palindrome Scarf pattern, it always looks good, and especially in nice colors like you used. Good job! :yay:


Really nice!
I especially love the hat and scarf set.

Great looking projects! :slight_smile:

All your FO’s look beautiful. I especially love the purple scarf. Lovely knitting, too. :yay:

Very nice FOs! I really like the blue scarf. Very pretty yarn. :thumbsup: