Some completed Items for 2007

I have placed several of my finished items on my blog and thought that some of you would like to see them. I love knitting along with all of you and just wanted to share some of my finished items. This is a wonderful place to learn and share and just a great place to Knit-A-Long…=)

Here is my blog Link:

Just scroll down to see my completed items…=)


You have some beautiful things done! I really love that snowflake dishcloth, I never would have thought of a snowflake dishcloth. Now I want one :teehee:

The felted bags are cute, the baby kimono is adorable, and the socks are very pretty (the mobieus cowl too!).

I am sorry about your sweet dog-may she rest in peace :hug:

You have made lovely things!! I love the socks!

I’m so sorry about your sweet doggy. She looks like such a sweetheart.

I love the mobius, amazing colors. Also, the branching out scarf is beautiful. I would like to try both of those. Great work. :cheering: