Some Clarification on a Washcloth

Ugh, I’ve been tackling this washcloth for days

seems easy, but I am a newbie knitter…
Everything goes fine …untill row 11
where it says… " k2, yo, rep from *… well then the next thing I would do is P2, but… the yarn is already in front (from the 'yo)… I know there needs to be an increase in here somewhere but if the yarn is in front already and I do the purl… it will just be a purl… I’m confused on this and ripped back several times already because If I do [U]exactly [/U]what it says…there are not enough stitches on the needle for the next row… grr!

I wanted this done for my mother’s b-day… but sadly that’s today… :frowning: maybe with your help by mother’s day?

Think of a yo as a wrap around the needle rather than ‘yf, knit the next stitch’. So wrap the yarn all the way around the needle as if you were making a knit stitch, then bring the yarn to the front to do the purl.

Ok Suzeeq, I’m going to give it a shot and let you know how it goes!

Ty for your input! :slight_smile:



I really think that instructions that say to do a yo as yf and knit/work the next st are too imprecise. That’s only valid if the yo is between 2 knits. It’s much better to present it as wrapping the yarn around the needle as for a knit stitch.

I agree! I’m a beginner and started from a small knitting book that came with a kit. Such Confusion. This forum + videos has been so helpful!