Some Christmas goodies

Unfortunately I already gave away Miss Beige Homespun scarf - it was very plainjane but cute.

wow you have been busy. All very nice, I do hope you left something for that pretty puppy?

They all look great! And make nice doggie pillows too, it looks like! :wink:

Love the colors of the booga bag and I agree that Cooper needs his own scrunchable something. A nice scarf to wear out or even a knit pillow to rest his head on.

Wow–gorgeous stuff! Don’t your hands ache? :rofling:

And poor Cooper! You keep giving away HIS things!

:cheering: :cheering: You have been so BUSY! With wonderful results :cheering: :cheering:

Cooper didn’t like the hats or the bag?? :rofling: Everything looks great. You did a good job! :cheering:

Very, very nice! The dog drool is an especially personal touch. :rofling: Cooper looks like he needs a blankie of his own from Mommy!

LOL - my sweet Cooper loves soft things and he is anxiously awaiting a special blankie of his very own! He especially loves the Thick n Quick stuff and anything fuzzy. (so if anyone has a supercheap source for TnQ let me know!!!)

This is stuff I have had in process since Thanksgiving…mostly very simple easy and fun stuff…once I get more proficient, I will go for the more complex things. I am excited about all of it…things turned out cuter than I thought.

I was finishing up the 2nd funky hat today and my mom said…um you are pulling that yarn WAY too tight…I am thinking to myself, what is she talking about…then I realized…she was seeing one of the thin parts, and it does indeed look stretched out :rollseyes: Anyway, those hats are going to be great for the nieces.

Great job and he is adorable!!! :cheering:

I love all of them. (and the cute dog too!) I have a golden retriever that loves to put her head on my lap when I’m knitting an afghan or something long. I think I will need to make something for her too! Great job!! :thumbsup:

Happy Holidays

VERY nice items!!!

What pattern did you use for the hat with Thick N Quick…I have some that I need to use to make a hat for my dh.

So sorry I didnt reply - am fighting a flu bug here and loosing the fight. I used the Mielke Farm pattern, cast on 40 using size 15 needles. The ribbed one, I cast on the same, and just did rib stitch all around.

Thanks…hope you feel better soon.

Nice items! Looks to me like you have been busy!!! :smiley: