Some advice needed!

Hi all,

Not sure if this was the right place to post this question but I thought I would give it ago!

I am knitting a scarf for my sister’s birthday, and I am thinking it is going to need a fringe. This is where I am stuck:??. I am not sure how long to make the fringe! How do you decide how long is right? Help!

Thanks in advance,:cheering:

To fringe, you cut yarn twice as long as you want the fringe to be (usually about 4 inches, so cut 8" groups of yarn.) Cut 3-5 8" long strands of yarn, and fold them over a crochet hook. Pull the yarns through to form a loop, and then pull the tails through and pull tight, repeat for the entire edge.

For a scarf end, I wouldn’t make it too long. 4-5 inches should be plenty, IHMO.
If I can’t decide, I make a couple trial lengths of yarn and lay it out to see how it looks. (you can do this with scrap yarn if you don’t have lots of the yarn you are using).

I’ve seen shawls with really long fringe, but it is usually a pretty big shawl to begin with.

If it’s wool or a wool-like synthetic, 3-4" is plenty. Any longer and you’ll find the fringes getting all tangled and ratty.

If it’s a lightweight silky yarn or blend, you can make long, floppy, romantic-looking fringes.

If it’s cotton or linen, I don’t think I’d fringe it at all.

If the yarn you’re using makes fringes that don’t hang nicely, you can use another yarn for the fringes.

It’s also a matter of proportion. A very long fringe on a short scarf will look strange. And vice versa. As MaryKZ says, try several lengths and see what looks best to you.

Or find a pattern for a fringed scarf of the length you’re making and see what it recommends.

:thumbsup:Thanks everyone for your ideas! I really appreciate your input. Guess I will keep knitting and then go from there. Thanks again

I would say find a person of similar height and size as the recipient, ask them to put it on, and see how much more you think you need. Even better… give it to your sister without and tell her that she gets to choose exactly how long she wants the fringe (or if).