Solid/Varigated Stripe Pattern?

Looking for a good stripe pattern for a hat that will look good alternating between varigated/solid…any good examples? Don’t really want it to be a perfect 1 for 1 stripe type thing. Something that looks less perfect.

What kind of hat do you have in mind? I think the ones in this thread would be adorable in stripes.

I looked on Ravelry and didn’t see that type of thing specifically. You don’t really need a pattern for that though anyway. Any striped pattern or even a solid with random stripes thrown in. I’m knitting socks right now that are a 1/1 stripe solid and variegated.

Are you just wondering what it looks like?

The pattern GG linked to was originally done in stripes and it would indeed be adorable.
There are loads of striped patterns on Ravelry and Knitting Pattern Central that you might check out. For me, the key to a nice combination of solid and variegated is the right contrast between the two yarns.

Maybe something more like one of these?

LOL looking for striped hats is kind of fun! I guess narrowing the parameters could be helpful.

Here’s a hat much like the one I linked to done up in red and white. I’m thinking of doing it Red Heart With Love in Berry Red and White.