Soleado Bag

This was a kit from Knit Picks. The charts were easy to follow. I found errata on their web-site, thanks to a heads-up from someone on Ravelry. I chose to add a lining for strength, and to hide the extra threads on the inside. My daughter LOVES it. I was happy to find a knitted item she actually wanted me to make for her. The kit came with TONS of yarn. Enough to make 2 bags, easily. I plan to make it again, but have 1 entire side open, rather than that little diagonal opening on one corner.

Cute, cute, cute!

It looks GREAT!!!

Very Pretty I really like it. I want to do a purse eventually!

It’s gorgeous!!! That really small opening would get on my nerves too though. Glad she likes it!

Beautiful colorwork !

Very nice! It’s obvious that your daughter is very happy with it! What a pretty girl as well!

So gorgeous! The daughter and the bag!!! WOW!

Great job … it looks fabulous! :cheering:

The colors are beautiful. Very nice.