Soldiers who knit

Check this article out about soldiers in Iraq who knit.

Wonderful read. Thank you. I believe we have a soldier knitter here.

ETA: Did you see therifle cozy?

Indeed we do. A new arrival that goes by SFCDave. And FWIW, I spent some time in the army a half-life ago myself.

Am not a solder knitter, but am a knitter of the male variety.

I enjoyed the read. I’m glad that while over there some troops have found ways to relieve the stress and help fight the boredom.

Whatever it takes. I think if more people were entertained and occupied with string and sticks, with or with hooks, we’d all be much better off.

BTW, the mention of a “rifle cozy” reminded me of this. I don’t remember how I stumbled on it, but… how very odd, eh?

Ain’t it the truth. It is a solution to weight loss ( you have to put them down to eat,) violence (unless you use the needles against someone :wink: ,) anger management and is a generally great therapy all by itself.