Soldier's ranks

Ok - so I’ve noticed that my “rank” has gone from novice (though that wasn’t the word used) to Ribbing the Cuff (:muah: ). How do I get to the next rank?

David, I think it’s just a cute little way of tallying how many posts you have. Eventually, it seems, you “make” an entire sock via your posts.

Now how you “make” the other sock, I don’t know! :wink:

So keep on posting and you’ll move through the ranks!

Didn’t you know you’re knitting a sock? I was somewhat surprised when I realized I was. So I had to do it IRL.

You guys are funny! :lol: It just a fun way to refer to the number of posts you have. You get further on the sock as you post. Obviously mine says moderator or mod squad so you’ll have to look at what some other people have. You’ll have to post more to move up the sock. Or I guess down since this is a top down sock.

it’s ironic isn’t it … a sock would be the last thing I’d knit!!



well I thought I would never knit a sock either but when someone posted on another site asking what is their favorite thing to knit, the majority of replies were “socks”.

I wondered why and people explained that there was something satisfying about seeing it evolve.

I may knit a pair someday for my daughter as she is a big unique sock fan.

Knitting socks is cool. I thought, if I can knit a sock, I can knit anything. Not necessarily so, but I can knit a sock. I can even knit two at a time, toe up or top down. Now I need to get to that yarn that’s waiting. I started with worsted weight yarn and made in-home socks to keep my feet warm. My GS decided he needed thick, short top socks for slippers and he got them. If the toe or heel intimidates you you can try stirrup socks.

Whatever you decide to knit, enjoy!

I have knit a bunch of socks in various weights and techniques. Funny thing is that I have not only wide feet, but some issues that makes my feet extremely sensitive and I can’t usually even wear them. I did them originally just to see if I could and found them kind of magical. Watching that heel turn and then form with gusseting was very cool.

My friends that knit them a lot like that they are very small take along projects. They don’t usually care that they go slowly, being knit mostly in the car, waiting for appts, at lunch, etc. Personally, since I have foot issues, I use “stash hats” that I make for charity as my take along project.

And finally… I’m starting a class next week where we make 3 pair of socks all at once. That’s 6 total socks. They will be made on separate needles thankfully. We are just making them all at the same time…6 toes, then 6 insteps, etc. no 2nd sock syndrome for us. Why am I doing this since I can’t wear them you ask? Because all my knitting friends are taking the class and I don’t want to sit w/o them at the other table! It’s a disease. :zombie:

And yes, I’ll post pics when I’m done.:thumbsup:

what you said about the heel forming is exactly how others said they felt. I definitely will try a pair.

You could knit her a pair of thicker house socks to learn. Then go for tiny needles and fingering weight when you have the hang of it.

BTW… The 3 pair I’m making are being knit on US 0. Yeah, zero. :zombie: the swatch I did with US 1 was a little loose for socks. They last longer when knit a little tighter. Oh and use a yarn with nylon in the fiber. It also helps them to last longer.

What sorts of yarns are best for socks. I imagine wool would be too hot! How about 2 ply cotton?

LOL looks who’s asking about sock yarn! I wish I could give you an answer but I’m looking forward to seeing the recommendations also.

I have had to reinstall everything on my computer and so lost all my bookmarks and stuff, but if you try a search on Lifestyle Socks you might like to try them. No gauge swatch needed, use any size yarn with appropriate needles. It’s how I first tried socks. They are toe up BTW so no Kitchner stitching at the toe, and if you run out of yarn you just bind off for a shorter sock top. Anything that postpones decisions on length, or whatever, works for me.

Do you use Ravelry? Because you’ll get a ton of hits if you look up sock yarns (aka fingering weight). Like i said earlier, having some nylon type material in them does make them last longer. I know this from experience.

There are some cotton sock yarns. Cotton as a fiber kind of gets stretched out and only washing will make it normal again. There may be some cotton blends that are good.

Personally, I’d avoid acrylics although some like them. Acrylic doesn’t breath so some people say it makes your feet sweater. I used it once and didn’t like the feel of it.

As far as brands… holy moly…there are tons of them. :zombie: