SOLD- Peaches & Cream - 2 Full Sks and 1 Partial

Perfect for Dishcloths!
3 sks of Peaches & Cream
4 ply worsted weight 100% cotton yarn.
Cost for 2 full sks and 1 partial sk is $3.00 plus shipping.
Daisy ( white, pale yellow, and a slightly darker yellow)
Unknown Color - a darker version of daisy almost - Yellow, Orange, and pale yellow --this is a full sk, I am just missing the wrapper.)
Pink ( this is a partial sk, split in 2 --meaning I knit 2 ballband washcloths with it and didn’t use the entire thing)

***I have a GREAT pattern suggestion for this! The Ballband washcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting!! I used the pink as an accent on 2 other dishcloths and there is plenty to knit the accent color on 2 addt’l cloths.
Thanks for looking. PM me with any questions.

Do you still have this? I would Love it!!! Espescially for ballband cloths… Let me know… thanks