~SOLD~ Knitpicks folder for needles?

Someone wanted one of these and we offered other options. Well, I found the case and I’m willing to send for shipping costs. Let me know.

Jan, I am looking for the Knit Picks binder for the interchangable needles. Is this the one you have for sale? Let me know please!


You must have missed the change in the subject line. I already sold it.

They are hard to come by. There are other choices out there now that are similar. I’m trying to remember where I saw them…:think:

I’d be thrilled if you could remember who puts out a similar product. I’ve been hunting like crazy and can’t find what I need.

Look up worm binder or tackle binder. They make them for fishing tackle. They don’t fit the old KP binder pages, but they have pages similar and some with different sized pockets which would be handy.

Here’s a few of many-



If you can sew you can probably buy refill pages and make something less…uh, fishy. :lol:

Here’s another one I just found that’s actually meant for needles!