SOLD ! ipod shuffle for sale

It’s sort of knitting related :slight_smile:
My husband got it as a gift and we both have ipods and have never used it. It’s still in it’s original package, although our puppy got a hold of it and gnawed on the box a little bit - the ipod was not damaged at all but we weren’t able to regift it since the box wasn’t new looking anymore. I’ll update the post with an actual photo of the box later today.
We’d like to sell it for $50 but will consider all offers and I’ll ship it to you at no charge.


Here’s a pic of the actual shuffle in the box…sorry for the reflection. But, you can see that the box is still sealed.

ooh that is rather tempting…:slight_smile:

make me an offer and it could be in the mail to you :twisted:

I pm’ed you. :eyebrow: