SOLD - Fricke Electric Adjustable Skeiner

[B]==== SOLD ====[/B]

I have for sale a “very slightly used” Fricke Electric Adjustable Skeiner from Spunkey Electric.

This was a “had to have” purchase for myself and after using it a few times, it has just sit in my craft room collecting dust. It is a beautiful piece of equipment and is still in “brand new” condition. I bought it to skein a few cones of sock yarn that I purchased from Sarah’s Yarns and once that was done, I had no further use for it and it really needs to be loved and used.

I paid $400.00 for this skeiner and $40.00 dollars to have it shipped to me. That was a total of $440.00 ( i can include the actual invoice from Spunky Electric)

I am asking $325.00 dollars for it, plus shipping.

That’s a savings of $75.00 and this skeiner is practically brand new and has hardly any working time on it all. There are no scratches and it is in totally perfect working order.

It would be the perfect investment for an Indy dyer to use for their business. It will allow you to skein many different size skeins. Not all electric skeiner’s will allow you to do this, Plus this skeiner is Fricke’s Top of the Line Electric Adjustable Skeiner.

I still have all the paper work from Spunky Electric, when I bought it and will include it with the skeiner, if buyer desires it.

Thank you for looking and I would be glad to answer any questions that you have about this item.

All inquiries are welcome.

I take pay-pal.

I am interested in an Ashford traditional Spinning wheel, Ashford Joy wheel or an Ashford Travler wheel.