SOLD-Denise needles plus extras!

I’m selling my Denise needles because once I got my Knit Picks Options, I rarely use them anymore. It’s just easier for me, a tight knitter, to knit on metal needles.

So, I’m selling the needles in the case with original paper (although it has been taped together since my 2 year old got ahold of it), an extra cord that makes a 17" circular, the extra long 52" cord (great for afghans or magic loop), and also the felted bag I made to hold them from the following pattern:

I’m asking $40 PPD for everything. I prefer Paypal for payment.

Anyone? Make me an offer!! :thumbsup:

Are Denise needles metal or wood?

They’re resin–a high-quality plastic, lightweight but with a nice solid feel. They are less slippery than metal but not as grabby as wood or bamboo. In fact, they are good, useful middle-of-the road needles.

Other stats:
The tip sizes run from US 5 to US 15, with larger sizes available.

The spot where the tips join the cable is impeccable – easy to operate and I’ve never had one come loose.

The cords are a bit thick for some people’s taste and the points a bit blunt.

They come in a compact, well-organized box – great for having many sizes with you when you travel.

I’d buy them, but I already have two sets…

Thanks, knitasha, I suppose it would’ve been helpful to also add those stats :aww:.

I’ve been wanting a set…I was going to get the KP Harmonies, but I"ve heard good things about the Denise too…do you still have them?

What are the cable lengths?

sent you a PM!


Here are the stats from the website

[li]Sizes #5-15 US (3.75-10mm)[/li][li]makes circular lengths from 17” to 58”[/li][li]makes flexible straight needles as well[/li][li]any cord easily becomes a stitch holder[/li][li]compact 7” x 8.5” case for easy organization[/li][li]airline safe and travel friendly[/li][li]entirely made in the USA[/li][li]all knitting parts guaranteed for life[/li][li]extra long cords and size #17 & #19 needles are now available separately[/ul][/li]Straight needle lengths:
[li]9”, 13”, 16”, 20”, 30”, 34”[/ul] Circular needle lengths:[/li] [ul]
[*]17”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 28”, 33”, 40”, 50”, 58”[/ul]