SOLD Cherry Tree Hill Supersock & Knit Picks Gloss


Some small destashing… Please note, I will ship only within the U.S.

First is a wound ball of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. I don’t have the label anymore, but I believe it is the colorway Dusk. It looks just like this. I started knitting a sock with it but then frogged it, so the beginning of the ball will be slightly curly. I paid $22 for it - am asking for $16 + $2 shipping. SOLD

Second is 2 hanks of KP Gloss in Burgundy, Lot #9989. I have not wound or knit with this. I paid $3.99 per hank - am asking for $5 + $1.50 shipping for the 2 hanks. SOLD

Please PM me if you’re interested. Thanks!

Do you do paypal??

Yes I do - I prefer it, actually. :smiley: