Sold..Boye Needlemaster Set - Vintage!


Hi all,

I haven’t been here in a while but - I’m back. :knitting:Happy to be back to knitting. Not sure if anyone remembers me, I was not a huge poster but read here a lot and enjoyed the wealth of info.

I’m doing a big reorganize/declutter of my stuff. I have a lovely Boye Needlemaster set - goes from size 6 to size 15, comes with 2 12" cords, one each 14", 16" and 21". The set is missing three pieces - one key and two couplers. It has all 4 buttons (2 male, 2 female).

This is a [B]vintage set[/B]. It’s in very good condition but it is not new, of course.

I’m asking $20 plus shipping - right now I have a ton of yarn and lots of projects to finish so I’m not ISO much as far as trades, but could be open to trading.

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