Solaris shawl

How do I do this shaping?
Row 3
K1,k2tog,k to last 10 stitches(Rs) , turn and
Work 1 double stitch (ws) contrast color
Row 4 k to end

Question: when I turn and work double stitch,
How do I set up to get to row 4? What about the rest of the stitches on the needles after the double stitches? When I turn do i continue with cc?
Thank you

This sounds like short rows using the German method or double stitch. Don’t worry about the extra stitches on the left needle. You’ll eventually get to them when you work across the entire row. You can read ahead to find out when that direction comes up. It may be soon or it may come after several more short rows.
After the ds, knit back on the stitches you just worked. That’ll be row 4 and you’ll be using the cc yarn.

Very pretty, fresh looking shawl.

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Thank you. So when I get to the last 10 stitches , turn and work double stitch(german short row ) I continue and knit to the end of the row? Then the next row will 4

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Turn and work back. That knitting back will be row 4.

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Thank you for answering my questions.
On row 1 k1,k2tog,k to last 2 ATS, kfbf,k1
Row 2 k to end
I’m supposed to alternate mc and cc for each set of rs/ws
Beginning with cc
My question if row 1is cc
How do I get the mc for the next row being row 3 has cc
I appreciate your help

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It looks to me that row 1 is cc, rows 2 and 3 are mc. Then the double stitch is in cc and row 4 continues in cc.
I don’t have this pattern but from the lines you’ve given us and the photos on this project, that seems right.

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Hi, I just began this project and I’m having the same issue with the colors. If row 1 is CC and I’m supposed to alternate row2 will be MC but to get to the MC I need to k to the end on WS. I wonder if there’s a mistake here? How did you do it? Thanks

From the photo it looks like alternating sets of 2 rows each color. Each ridge is made up of two rows.

Thank you!! That worked just fine!