Soho Jacket help....

I’m interested in knitting the following pattern but I noticed that the smallest measurement for cheat size is 40"…my bust measurement is 33 1/2". I’m sure after I create a huge swatch I can adjust the instructions to the stitch gauge for my size?

I’m just about concerned as I picked up this patter three years ago and the paperwork got super complicated…so I’m planning on knitting this in one sold color…or would anyone have any suggestions on how to do the paperwork as well?

Nice looking sweater. Paperwork or colorwork, maybe?
See if changing needle size will work and if you like the feel of the knit fabric at a tighter gauge.
You might try working with a lighter weight yarn which will give a smaller gauge although it will change the feel and possibly the drape of the sweater. You could also change the number of sts in the pattern if you’re confident doing that.

I meant to type “colorwork”. Lol. My girlfriend loves Batman and I want to knit her a Afghan with the Batman logo on it, but I want to use a double knitting technique. Any ideas?

Double knitting is interesting to do. If you haven’t tried it, test it out on something smaller than an afghan, maybe a Batman hot pad for instance.
There are logo charts available here:

Double knitting is thick and can be heavy so be careful about the weight of yarn that you use.

Okay. So I’m guessing a weight of yarn that is lighter than worsted weight
yarn? Would that be Aran weight? For the hot pad I’ll just use an Aran yarn
to start with the hot pad. Do you have any suggestions on yarns that are
similar in price as Red Heart yarn but soft and machine washable for the
afghan and maybe even more sweaters I plan to knit in the future? My
current sweater is being knitted with worsted Red Heart yarn. In your
opinion does that type of yarn typically shrink alot as I didn’t create a
swatch and go through the process of washing it. Etc.

Aran would work or maybe a light, acrylic worsted.
Follow the ballband directions for washing. I usually hand wash but with many yarns that’s not necessary. The machine works just fine with the project in a laundry bag. I don’t see shrinkage and usually see yarn relax a bit, so become a tad larger.

Is there a simple logo for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Now she hinted around at being torn between that and batman. Lol. I’m.tempted to just knit her what I want and let her “be happy with it”…however I have learned that a happy (future wife)=a happy (future) life. Lol.

I found this one on Ravelry. At least it gives you an idea to play around with.

You have indeed learned the secret to a happy life!