Soften knit wool hat

I recently finished a knitted hat using Elle Rae classic superwashable 100% superwashable wool and Elle Rae cozy sift prints 25% superwashable wool/75% acrylic (variegated). I used the fair isle method.

The work has not been blocked.

I need help in softening this hat, as it is itchy. Is there a spray I can use, or some way of softening the hat without running it or making the colors bleed? Thanks in advance!

The wool is superwash and there’s acrylic, so a cold-water wash shouldn’t hurt. After that, it sounds funny, but a heavy hair conditioner may help.

If you still itch from it afterward, you may be able to put a thin knit lining (think sleeve from an old T-shirt) inside the hat, at least where the band is. A jersey headband from the dollar store will work, too.