Softee Baby Yarn - Need Pattern!

Hello All!

I have this great Softee Baby yarn (about 3 balls - 15oz) that I originally bought to make a blanket for my friends’ baby…well I got bored with the blanket and decided to make a hat and booties out of some Caron Simply Soft yarn that I had instead. I have this really cute variagated blue Softee Baby yarn and I’m looking for a great sweater to make with it.

Does anyone have any that they recommend? I really didn’t want anything with a hood (Im still a newbie!)

Thanks in advance for your input!!!

I’m not going to be too much help as I’m not suggesting any pattern links. I mainly use pattern leaflets I buy on eBay, as there is such a wonderful range for babies. You can also check out baby knitting books in your local library.

I’m sure others will be coming in to give you some links.

However, I knit a lot of baby garments, and just wanted to recommend you steer away from lacey, holey patterns. Besides there being a trend these days away from those designs, at least where I am, they don’t suit a variegated yarn.

What would look lovely in Softee, which I have used a few times, is a simple style with lovely bands, collar and cuffs. Garter stitch or seed stitch bands look great in a variegated yarn. Then knit the rest of the sweater in stocking stitch which lets the pretty yarn make the impact. If you work a pattern stitch into the sweater it all looks too fussy, in my opinion.

Good luck. Knitting for babies is fun, and nice and quick!

There are seriously so many cute ones! Here’s a link with dozens of baby things.

Here’s a few I’ve made.

Ooooh I love the pink baby cardigan!! thanks so much!

I really like this one…pattern is linked on my blog.

It was really quite easy and I love how it turned out.

i just made the one from knittingonthenet a couple of days ago and it looks beautiful. it was so simple to knit. the only thing i would recommend is maybe using size 5 needles instead of 4 because i feel like mine is a bit too small so i’m going to make another one using size 5 needles. its very easy and quick to make and i love the fact that it has button holes. i hate to tie the sweaters with icords.