Soft yarn as good?

I prefer using good old Red Heart yarn, super saver, when I’m trying out a new pattern, like, cable or whatever. It makes the design pop out clearly, which gives me immense satisfaction. I like to clearly SEE my design.

My question: are softer yarns going to show the designs, especially intricate ones, like saxon braid?
And, what size needle do you use, when KNITTING SAXON BRAID?
With what type of yarn?

I tried the saxon, and the design wasn’t satisfactory, probably cause I slipped as if to knit, instead of slipping as if to purl.

Anyways, what type of yarn, and what size needle have you successfully used to make a saxon braid pop out, and be easily seen in your work?

I’m currently using Lamb’s Pride worsted and size 8 needles, and I think my saxon braid looks really good (if I do say so myself :slight_smile: ). Here’s a pic:

Wow Abbily! That’s lovely!

Miss Abbily, I’m sorry I’m not familiar with the feel of Lamb’s Pride worsted wool.

Is that a really soft wool?
Size 8 needles, I know about! :wink:

Your saxon braid is quite:yay: beautiful, too!

wow–that’s beautiful. Where did you find that stitch pattern?

Lamb’s Pride is a fairly soft wool I think with not a lot of twist to it. It does have a touch of mohair in it though so it can be itchy if worn against the skin.

I used Saxon Braid with Mmmmalabrigo. I’ll post a picture of it when I get home, if you like.

ETA–I used Valley Yarn’s Stockbridge from Webs for the Aran sweater I posted on Ravelry that has the braid, too.

Here are the pics of the malabrigo cables and the Valley yarns stockbridge.

Abbily - What are you knitting this braid into? Where did you get the pattern? It’s beautiful.