Soft solid orange yarn?

Hi there, long time knittinghelp advocate, can’t remember my old username though.

Anyway! I’ve been making Denver Broncos scarves for years now. I use Caron Simply Soft navy, but then I’ve been just using a random (I think) Red Heart brand for the orange since Simply Soft doesn’t have that solid orange color. Does anyone know where I could find that soft worsted weight yarn in a solid orange? It can’t be too light or too dark… you know how sports fans can be about colors :wink:

Thanks in Advance!

Try looking on Pinterest for NFL Team Colors. That should bring up lots of charts with choices for various teams!!!


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Welcome back!
I’ve seen CSS in an orange although I don’t know if it’s the right orange:

Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn comes in a couple of different oranges.

Vanna’s choice comes in a terracotta color, but it might be too brown an orange for use with Broncos stuff.

Knit Picks Brava worsted comes in a true orange and is great to work with.

Plymouth Encore Worsted is another option.

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I just finished a hat for Christmas for someone who’s favorite color is orange. This is Bernat Super Value carrot color. It’s available on Amazon. image

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