Soft ribbon yarn?

Is ribbon yarn soft? I’m new to knitting and am thinking about buying some ribbon yarn off the internet for it. But I want something soft and although the advertiser says that it is soft, I just can’t help but think that something that is a combination of nylon and polyester is soft. Should I look in JoAnns or Hobby Lobby and see if I can find something like it that I can feel first before buying? I was thinking internet would be easier to buy from because there are no local yarn stores nearby and the nearest Hobby Lobby is a half hour away. I’m not sure what I should do. It’s for a scarf. Can anyone recommend a very pretty, very soft yarn for the drop-stitch scarf on this website?


Hopefully someone with more experience with ribbon yarn will respond…the only one I’ve ever felt wasn’t very soft but surely there must be one out there suitable for a scarf. The only thing I can offer is if it is going to be more of a skinny fashion scarf than a scarf for warmth then the softness won’t matter as much since it’s likely to be draped loosely around the neck and not all close and tight like you would for a scarf that is used for warmth.

I think I’d stay away from the nylon-polyester blend for something you intend to wear around your neck. I suspect it would feel sweaty in summer, clammy in winter. If you’re going to use a ribbon with nylon content, I’d look for one that’s blended with some natural fiber.

Silk or rayon, or blends of rayon with cotton – now that’s another story.
They’re soft, drapey and breathable. Unfortunately, they’re pricier, too.
I made a drop-stitch jacket with Piadina, a rayon ribbon (now unfortunately discontinued) and it feels wonderful against the skin. It’s so drapey that the shoulders needed reinforcement with grosgrain ribbon, but would be perfect for a drop-stitch scarf. (You may still find it on eBay.)

I can’t see the link on your post so I don’t know what gauge you need, but here are several suggestions for ribbon yarns that would work for your scarf. You can find them on the internet. (BTW, I just checked Hobby Lobby’s Web site and was underwhelmed. You’ll probably do better on the Net.)

. Charmeuse is a nice rayon ribbon by Judi & Co.
. K1C2 makes Tartelette, which blends nylon with cotton and has a nice texture.
. Gisha by Noro comes in beautiful colors; it’s a microfiber/cotton blend.
. If you want something absolutely gorgeous, try Artyarns’ Silk Ribbon.
The colors are fabulous and the feeling is beyond luxurious. It’s about $16.50 a skein, but there’s a lot of “air” in drop-stitch, so you can probably get a scarf out of one, or at most two skeins.

Sorry, that should have been PIATINA yarn, not Piadina.
Piadina is an Italian flatbread cooked on a griddle and topped with good things like cheese and sausage. (Can you tell it’s almost lunch time?)

Oh. Ive had that. It was no less than heavenly. And since i dont want to start a new topic, ill just add a tag-along.

Whats the metric for size five needles?


There’s a good needle conversion chart HERE:

According to this, a U.S. 5 would be a metric 3.75.

Thank you so much for responding. Knitasha, that was some great information. Earlier today I found a site that had some ribbon yarn that was 100% Egyptian Cotton. I don’t know if that would be soft or not. I’m going to look around the web for the one’s you mentioned. I’m not surprised that you were underwelmed with Hobby Lobby’s selection. I have not seen much there beyond acrylic and fun fur.

Egyptian cotton is somewhat soft, 8 out of 10 on the softness scale, but has a very nice feel to it. I have Egyptian cotton pyjamas. :woot: