Soft cotton blend yarn

I’m looking for a cotton blend yarn that is as soft as Shine but with less tendency to stretch. Does anybody have any ideas? It would be for a sweater. Thanks.:??:??

I have to say… I love Misti’s Cotton Silk. I have a friend that owns an online store and I stopped by her house today to pick up some lace yarn and I fondled the Cotton Silk while there… it was lovely. I’m not sure about the stretch factor because I havent knitted with it myself yet. I bet if you emailed her [COLOR=#000000][FONT=verdana,geneva][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR] , she would let you know. I know she is knitting a cami right now with it.

I don’t know, seems like the word around town is that cotton and its blends stretch, but I can’t be sure of all of them myself. Maybe you could try one that’s a good portion wool? There is this one called Cilantro by Nashua that’s cotton and nylon and is stretchy like Fixation without being all crinkly in texture, which I dislike. You might be interested in that.

I love Knit Picks “Main Line” …worsted weight, 75 cotton, 25 wool. My candle flame shawl kept its shape after being used as a pillow, blanket and being stuffed in a carry on bag many hours ! It is soft and squishy and has great stitch definition!

I’m using SWTC’s Craft for a sweater now. It is part milk fiber and is just wonderful!

Sorry to be dense, but what is SWTC?

Southwest Trading Company. :slight_smile: