Started knitting again so I can make my daughter socks and found a book to learn how to make them called…Learn to Knit Socks by edie eckman.
I am working on a step right up sock with basice K2P2 rib… and the basics… the pattern calls for sports weight and size 3 DPNS… and I have sock yarn.

I am very frustrated with this endevour… again. I had to cast on with 2 needles to even see the yarn and I am knitting tight again… after all my practice. My stitches are looking real good, now seems I am back stepping.
A few questions:
How and where does the stitch market go?

When your working the first round do all the stiches need to be going towards the middle? I am assuming it forms a circle, just want to make sure its an innter circle.

Is the sock weight going to be very different from a sports weight?

Are there any good sock patterns with 7 DPN, may need to go bigger to get this, before taking these tiney tiny stitches on.

Thanks ahead

Most likely the pattern you have for working with sport weight yarn will not work with your sock weight yarn. If you go up in needle size to get gauge your fabric will be too loose. I suggest you find a pattern to use for the weight of yarn you have. If you have a lot of the sock weight you might work with a double strand and see if you can get gauge that way for the pattern you have.

I put a marker right after the first stitch on a round and remember that placement. That way the marker doesn’t fall off when you stop at the end of a round.

When you work in the round the right side should always face you as you work. If it isn’t, do a little research and try to find out how to get that result. Working with the right side facing has a lot of advantages later on.

Does your book have a pattern for sock weight yarn? (there are a lot of free patterns on-line for socks, I’m sure some will be for sock weight yarn) The sport weight is nice for a first sock because it is easier to see and knits up faster, you might consider finding some for your first project.

Good luck and welcome back to knitting.