Hi I am a new knitter and really want to try socks I figured I will try childrens size socks first. I have looked at tons of sock patters and just want to know which would be a good pattern to try first. Some seem to be knitted from the top down and others from bottem up. Which would be easier? Could use any help given. I should mention I bought worsted weight yarn. Thanks

A member of this site, Silver, has created this Beginner Sock Tutorial you might want to check out!

Also, the Knitters’ Book of Handy Patterns teaches you how to use whatever yarn you’ve got to make socks…teaches you about basic construction & gauge & so on…for child’s AND adults. It does the same for basic hats, mittens, gloves, etc!

If you’re intimidated by socks, one idea is to make your first one a small Christmas stocking. The advantage to this is that you learn all the sock techniques without feeling the dread of having to make a matching sock. :wink:

Hi, I am knitting my first ever sock and using Silvers tutorial. There is no way I would have done this without her :?? It is very well done with lots of photos to keep you right :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Good luck.


The pattern Amy uses in her sock demo “North Country Cotton Baby Socks” has sizes for babies and toddlers. I’ve made several pair from this pattern. You can vary the size just by using different weight yarn. I made two pair in fingering weight and three pair in worsted weight.

This is my favorite pattern for kids socks!! It’s very basic, has good directions for a newbie, knit from the top down, and makes a great sock!!
You can also try Kitchner stitch to close the toe, which I REALLY love.

Happy sock knitting :XX: :XX:


Thank you everyone for all the ideas. I am almost done my fist sock I have been sitting at the computer and following silvers instructions. Overall I am happy so far. I have a few stitches that I must have knit to loose because when I put the sock on it, it has little gaps. For my first sock I am really happy. If it doesn’t turn out to bad maybe I will post pictures.