OK i have done a fair few pairs of magic loop socks (thanks to mitchie’s classes :slight_smile: ) and now want to have ago at dpn socks.

my dads birthdays coming up so i had the idea of a sock scarf and gloves set. he’s a builder so is out in all weathers. so i am looking for a bulky weight sock that comes right upto his knee kinda length.

does anyone know of a really simple pattern for me to learn on please?

i have googled it but theer are just so flipping many to choose from that i dont know which would be easy enough to teach myself on

as usual thank you

Well, my first [B]successful[/B] dpn socks were knitted out of the Green Mountain Spinnery book. It is very basic, with a stripe and different heel/toe colour, but very, very easy. The directions are great too. Did I mention comfy?