ok i am knitting the cuff of a sock and i am k1p1 when i purl the first stitch of a new needle, it seems to make 2 stitches, but when i purl the rest its ok, soooo what am i doing wrong? can someone help me its always only on the first stitch: thanks suzi55:??

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=green]I can’t imagine what’s causing that, suzi, but I [I][U]can’t make[/U][/I] a nice purl stitch at the [I][U]beginning[/U][/I] of a dpn…I always get a stretched out ‘track’, no matter how tightly I pull. So what I do is rearrange my stitches so that each needle [U]begins with a knit stitch[/U].[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=deepskyblue]Lately, I’ve changed to the MagicLoop method, which lets you pull that first stitch tight against the cable, and my ‘tracks’ have LEFT TOWN !:woohoo: But, I haven’t tried starting with a purl stitch on the MagicLoop yet.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

It could be that the needle tip is picking up the bar between the sts and you see it as another stitch when it’s not. Just be very careful when you start the needle that it’s actually a stitch and not the yarn between them.

I had the same thing happen to me on my first sock and it wasn’t happening everytime either but I finally realized that if I didn’t have the yarn in front before I started to purl the first stitch of the new needle it seemed like I was making a type of yarn over which gave me an extra loop on the needle. Sounds kind of obvious but I did it a few times before I realized it.

I have alot about magic loop lately is that easier than dpns? I would love to make a good pair, the woman that told us about magic loop told us it would take about 3 pairs before we got it down how do u rearrange the stitches? thanks for your help suzi

Not sure from the description what’s happening, but I do know in my own knitting of socks that changing needles just seems to invite me to do an unintentional yarn over.

In moving the yarn from needle to needle, I sometimes don’t notice that it’s wrapped over the top of the old needle as I begin knitting from the new needle. As a result on the next round I’ve got an extra stitch. If I don’t notice it and just ‘knit through’, voilá…extra stitch.

You explained it much better scubasinger. That’s just what I was doing and wouldn’t always catch it. Now I’m very careful when I start working on the new needle and no more yarn overs.

Suzi55, I don’t know if ML is easier than dpn’s. I haven’t ventured beyond the dpn’s but hang in there. It does get easier!

Hi there
I think maybe you are not putting your yarn to the front before you purl…I have done this several times myself …It’s an easy mistake to make xx