Just finished my first ever sock and I was amazed that it fit perfectly. Working on the second one now and have yarn for three more pare. The first pair is has just the basic k2 p2 top but I wanted to try something different for the second. :roflhard: I would appreciate any suggestions from the group. The yarn I have is self-striping and works up really cute that I might try cables after seeing how nice the looked on an earlier post.

I’m also looking for different kinds of inexpensive yarns so that I can make up a bunch of sock for the “young adults” in my family that are attending college back East this winter. They’re used to Southern California weather so I also made them scarves out of 4ply yarn doubled up they said it worked really well (since they were not used to the cold winters. Just finished four pair of fingerless mittens to match the scarves :shrug:(guess they are the rage on campus this winter).

I will check the post in the morning before I leave for work and feel free to email me with any suggestions at

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Anybody have any ideas?

Some socks yarns that I think are EXTREMELY good deals are Knitpicks Palette (hand-wash, but 2 bucks for a ball) and Knitpicks Essential (machine-wash, about 3.50 for a ball). I like solids best for details like lacework and cables. They also have some striping sock yarn, and I think most of the KP yarns are exceptionally good deals when you’re planning on making many pairs of socks. I’ve also had great results with Online Supersocke that I get at my LYS - it’s machine-washable and is still great looking after repeated washings and wearings.

What a great friend, to give the gift of socks!!! :smiley:

Grumperina’s Jaywalker socks pattern might look pretty cool with self-striping yarn. I think cables might pull in to much and wreck the stripes? I’m not sure, I haven’t used self-striping yarn yet.