I finished a pair of sock. They are knitted with Cascade Fixations. It took me a little bit more than a week to knit them.

Those socks are beautiful!

Wonderful job and great looking socks!:inlove:

Oh, those turned out so great! The yarn is just perfect with that pattern!

Wow Lieke - those turned out great. I have some Fixation in my stash and would love to try those. WHat pattern did you use???


Those are beautiful! I love the pattern!

Lieke, I had never seen anyone do stitch work on Fixation. The results are a lot nicer than I thought they could be. Your socks are beautiful.

good looking sox! :thumbsup: I, too, would like to know what pattern was used.

So pretty! I dream of knitting socks that nice one day…

Cool pattern!

So beautiful! I’m in love with that pattern and I’ll have to try it! Great job :smiley:

Wow! Beautiful pattern and lovely looking socks :thumbsup:

oooooooo those look so cozy!

I really like them, what is the pattern? They look great!

Wow those socks are beautiful; I am still learning my way around socks. Just completed my first pair and have started on a second pair.

I’m not sure it’s quite the same but this pattern is at least similar: scroll down on the right hand side to the River Rapid socks button

Those are beautiful!:hug:

Great job!

The pattern is called pretty comfy socks. It’s especially designed for the fixations yarn.

you can find the pattern here

It’s an interesting, but easy pattern. I really loved knitting it.

Lieke -Very Pretty