Still quite new to knitting. At the yarn shop a few days back, I saw a series of sock projects that the owner was making and fell in love with them. I am now obsessed and have to learn to make socks…but they do look rather scary to try…double pointed needles (doesn’t it all fall off?), round needles (looks very small to work on). Can folks suggest some beginner patterns and whether round or double pointed would be better for a beginner?

Socks are great to knit. I’m wearing the pair I’ve made right now. :slight_smile: A good tutorial for beginner sock knitters is Silver’s Sock Class.

The pattern is written for several different yarn weights, so you can make socks with worsted weight yarn on larger needles. It’s written for DPNs, but she’s going to make a tutorial using magic loop soon. DPNs look intimidating, and they’re a bit awkward for the first few rounds, but you eventually get into the swing of it.

I agree. Silver’s is the way to go. I have been learning on worsted wool after trying on the finer sock yarns and I feel more secure using worsted at the moment. I drove myself crazy frogging so much before I finally caved and put in a life line-now I’m less afraid and I’m just going for it.

Happy knitting :slight_smile:

Try not to let the dpns intimidate you. There is lots of help available here, but if you follow Silver’s tutorial, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Just take it one step at a time. You can do it!!!