They really are addictive. These are just worsted weight house socks using Silver’s sock tutorial (which I LOVE) and some mild modifications. (I use patterns like I use any other recipe – good place to start, fun to play with and I love seeing what I wind up with when I’m done playing around.)

I’m not used to this forum, so I’m going to try to upload a photo of the sock and a half I’ve got done at the moment and see what happens!


Lookin’ good! I see that you don’t have second sock syndrome either! :teehee: I’m not brave enough to experiment with the patterns yet!


Great socks! How did you end up with such antique yarn, handed down in the family? (not that YOU are old, older than 27 seems old for yarn :wink: )

Those are lovely :heart: I’m almost done with my first pair of socks too, but they pale in comparison ^_^;;

:cheering: You are doing a wonderful job :cheering: WTG :cheering:

Socks are fun, aren’t they? They look great!

Your blue socks look great!!

I just started to knit a pair last night. I haven’t knit socks in about six months and I did not want to FORGET how to do them. So I decided I better make myself another pair. I use the Toe UP mothod and didnt’ want to forget how I did them. Thank God I had no problem remembering. :cheering:

Thanks, everybody.

The way I ended up with the yarn (and more like it) is less interesting than the yarn itself. I’m part of and I posted a plea for yarn – and a lady gave me three boxes! In it were various “vintage” yarns: wools, synthetics, cottons, etc. It was like little boxes of history. I’ve had so much fun knitting it up. Someone bought it decades ago intending it to be who knows what and today it’s finally being turned into something. It’s just a neat thought to me.


Finished the socks! Here they are, adorning my tootsies – with a nice view of my unmade bed!

Great job! :cheering: I’m doing my first socks now too, so it’s very inspiring to see how well yours turned out!

They look great!

They are very nice and they look very comfy!

Very nice!

Awesome socks! They look much like the ones I knit last year, only mine were all acrylic. :oops:

Thanks, everybody! I’m totally addicted to socks in any gauge. My SnB group meets tonight. I’ll be casting on for socks on 2 circs. I can’t wait! I got Cat Bordhi’s book and I’ve been trying to decide which socks to try first. I absolutely love the leaf & tendril socks, so I may just go whole hog and go for those!

Very nice. :cheering:

love knitting socks… :hug:

your socks are beautiful!! will post the pic of my next socks. i already made 5 pair of socks now

I am so impressed that your first pair went so quickly, and look so great! I also think it’s so neat how you gave that old yarn a second chance of becoming of beauty and to be enjoyed. :thumbsup:

Uh-oh, she’s hooked now…

Nice knitting! (And I can’t even tell your bed isn’t made!) :slight_smile: