Hi everyone. I am pretty new to this site. Not quite sure my way around yet lol. But I have a question about socks. I haven’t knitted any socks yet. I bought a book for beginners on socks on Amazon. And believe me it’s definitely not for beginners. I read the reviews on the book,but not until after I purchased it lol. And the reviews on there was saying that the book wasn’t for a beginner either. So that was money wasted. Anyway my question is does anyone know of a good link-video on how to do the heel flap, instep? Well the foot part to make it short. I have no problem with the leg part that’s mostly just straight knitting anyway. Thanks for any help you can provide me. Have a great day everyone :blush:

I sometimes think the words “easy” and “beginner” are the most misleading in patterns. With any luck you’ll love knitting socks and that beginner book will come in handy.

Are you knitting cuff down? This is a good site for step-by-step socks:

I’ll bet there are several other recommendations out there too. @engblom, any suggestions?

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Yes cuff down. The book says beginner. And I looked at the pictures and read the book. I’m like no way can I do socks from this book. It’s great for someone that already know how to knit socks. There’s about 6-8 sock patterns in there as well. They look really nice too. But I have to get a grip on how to do the foot part and I have no idea how it’s done. The book isn’t giving me much to go by. The book is great otherwise. I’ll check out the link that you sent me and I’ll go from there lol. Thanks so much for your help. Much appreciated :blush:

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See if that link helps. I’m sure there’ll be other suggestions and you can always ask questions here.

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I belong to a great and very helpful group on Facebook—Strictly Sock Knitting. Also LOTS of great videos on YouTube. Many people have trouble with socks in the beginning and it eventually clicks. I have switched to toe up and LOVE it! The Turkish cast on I use for toes is so much faster than casting on a cuff. There’s no “pick up and knit” for the gusset after the heel. And no holes created by that. I learned from She has a lot of videos on YouTube as well as paid and free help on her site. I know a lot of people recommend starting with worsted weight to learn the techniques.


Thanks so very much sweetheart. I’m sure that will help. There’s so much information out there you just have to know where to look. I’ll let you know how things go. God love ya. I really appreciate your help. Have a great one :blush:

You said worsted weight right? What size needles would you recommend for that? Please and thanks :blush:

I have worsted weight yarn but it’s not sock yarn. But I guess it would be ok to practice on?

Worsted will be fine to practice with :slight_smile: in this case you don’t necessarily need to make a wearable sock!
Just as a rule of thumb, some yarn not sold specifically for socks can still be ok to use, but it’s best to knit socks with a yarn that has a high percentage of natural fibre, for comfort, absorbency and breathability. Synthetic yarns tend to have worse properties in those areas.
I’m sure you’ll be able to use your other book once you’ve got the hang of basic socks - use it as a motivation for now!

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I’ve been wanting to try socks ( well I actually did a tube sock but don’t think that counts) with heels and all. I’m going to check out that link. Thanks for the information

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Personally I think it might be easiest to knit along a video explaining the process. Very Pink got a such series of videos beginning with this one:


Thank you i may try that. I did look at the other link. I don’t know if I can do it following on that one. I’m thinking a video would be more helpful. I don’t know. When you don’t know the basics it can get pretty frustrating lol. From the cuff down i know
i won’t have a problem there,it’s pretty much just straight knitting. It’s what comes next lol. Thanks

You’ve got friends here many of whom are very experienced sock knitters. We’re always ready to help out if you have questions.

Thank you so kindly :two_hearts:

This is the easiest sock pattern I’ve ever found. It’s done on straight needles, but you can do them on double points or circulars if you want. It’s worsted weight yarn #4. I use a 7 (4.5mm) or an 8 (5.0 mm) needle. It depends on how loosely you knit and how big your feet are. I have like a EE width. Fred Flintstone feet, short and wide.

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