Hi all I’m knitting socks with circular needles I’m doing toe up ones it says in my pattern to continue in ss until desired measurement wat is it I have to do please

I hate it when directions say this. Just please, give me a number inches! There are two ways you can do this. Try the sick on. When it comes to where the foot and leg meet, it’s time to do the heel turn. What I like to do is step on a piece of paper and trace around my foot. I measure from the back of the heel to the highest point of my foot, usually the big or middle toe. Most heel turns are about two inches. Subtract two inches from your foot measurement. Measure up from the toe. For example, mine is 8 1/2 inches long, subtract 2. I begin my heel 6 1/2 inches from the toe start. This works great if you are knitting for someone you don’t see very often like a grandchild. Have them trace their feet for socks or hands for mittens. Mail it to you. They also have charts that will give you measurements based on shoe size. Google Sock measurement by shoe size. When you get past the heel, most patterns have you knit 2 inches before you start the cuff. I like to do three. I generally go by inches when I knit rather than rows. I have a measuring bracelet I got from Etsy. The holes I punched for mitten measurements. I have my own trued and true patterns I made up.

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I should mention that on the two inch heel turns, I generally use a 6-8 US size needle. If you use anything else, count the heel turn rows in your pattern. Figure out how many rows per inch. Figure out the measurement. Subtract from foot length. I use this bracelet a lot because I’m always losing my measuring tape. I have seen similar ones on Amazon. I put holes in for mitten measurements child, small woman, men’s.

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Can you tell us the name of your pattern or give us a link to it?