I love the sock pattern and I have seen that some of you have done it. Where can I find this pattern?

I don’t know that this pattern is written anywhere. It’s a basic sock pattern with ribbing for a couple of inches…u can find MANY patterns @ I will look for a pattern like this one in the mean time :wink:

LOL, this was a quick find :wink: I think that it’s very similar to the sock @ knitpicks :wink:

I think this is it. :thumbsup:

beetle… you are right… that is the pattern. I guess I am going to have to wait till I learn how to do it that way. I am a dpn sock knitter.

Thank you so much ladies…

You can do toe-ups on DPNs - that’s how I do mine! :thumbsup:

I used this tutorial here to get me started and only had to refer to it twice before I could do it myself without needing to check that page.

It’s a lotta, lotta fun!

And you don’t have to do two at once…I’ve used that pattern and done them one at a time. :wink:

wow… thank you so much ladies… :happydance:

Thanks for posting that link Boogs… now once I learn how to wrap and turn for short rows, then I can try toe-up finally!

The sock is just a general ribbed sock done in Simple Stripes. The “design” in the sock comes from the yarn not from any pattern. Cool, huh.

Check out Silver’s sock tutorial for a basic yarn “recipe”.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I love doing toe-ups this way as it’s all so simple and I don’t have to try and tackle any numbers.

Some piccies of toe-up and cuff-down are on my blog if you want to have a peek.

Have fun! :XX:

I’m definitely going to have to try some toe-ups! I checked out your blog and your socks look great! I know that I have at least one orphan ball of sock yarn that I picked up at my LYS with the intent of making anklets out of it. I’ll have to get at least one pair of my SIPs done before I can talk myself into casting on yet another pair though.

I like cuff down with a short row heel. DH likes short row toes, too, but I hate having to kitchener a bazillion stitches. :roflhard: So I’ll do short row heels and toe decreases when they are for me.

thanks for the thread Burnsie, and all another thanks to all of you who answered. I’m trying to learn socks.