Ok I thought I would ask here. I am a beginner. Very new to all of this and I like seeing all the socks everyone is making. I looked at the patterns on this site and did print out the one made of the little squares, but those are like little booties. Are there any easy patterns for regular socks? Thanks for the help ladies.

I used this one to begin with because of all the great videos that go with it.
And the first pair of adult socks I made I used Silver’s tutorial.

:smiley: YAY, yet another sock knitter :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: Please don’t hesitate to ask if u have any questions! Silver’s tutorial is great :thumbsup:

thanks so much ladies. the tutorial looks like that is the way I’ll go.

I’ve just started socks and use the First Time Socks by Cabin Fever. The great explanations and using Amy’s tutorials helped me an awful lot. I’m hooked and also have much more confidence for other projects.


A new sock knitter eh? Welcome…Soon you will be addicted. I love to knit socks…in fact, I’m knitting a pair now. I will post them when I’m through.